I have another question which is not on this page?

You can contact our Care Home Manager, Kelly Ellis who can answer any of your questions. Just send an email through the contact page.

How do I know whether to look at residential, EMI or Nursing homes?

If you have a social worker, they will assess your loved one for the correct type of care home and give you a directory of suitable placements.  If you do not have a social worker, the catorgories of home relate to the services they provide and are regulated for.

Residential homes are suitable for older people who have fraility and possibly other old age problems, but who have capacity and are able to make decisions for themselves.  EMI homes are registered for people who have a diagnosis of Dementia and other intellectual disabilities or mental ill health.  Nursing homes and nusing homes with EMI are for those older people whose medical problems need nursing care and need more interventions than their Dementia or mental health problems.

Do I have to make an appointment to view?

Any care home that offers a quality service will happily welcome you at any time to view the home.  Care is not an exact science and it is better to see the home in its usual daily existence, than an on show version that may not be true to daily living.  We are happy for you to view Springfield at any time that suits you.

How do I decide which care home?

My advice would be visit as many as you can in the area you are looking at, and get a “feel” for the home.  When you enter the home, be aware of decor, environment and any odour in the home.  Watch the reactions of the residents, do they look happy? are they interacting with staff as they pass by, do staff look relaxed and happy, are they actively speaking to residents and involving them in daily living activities?

You will know when you enter a care home whether it is somewhere you would want your loved one to be.  Do not only look at the surroundings, as although that is important, it is a small part of life and being happy.  The best litmus test, is the feel of the home, happy residents and welcoming, enthusiastic, smiling staff.

How do I decide whether a care home is an option?

When you are making the decision to move your loved one into 24 hour care, it is an incredibly emotional time.  It is a very difficult choice to make, and it is made more difficult if the person has an intellectual disabillity that stops them fully understanding their own needs, and safety.

You can make a referral to social services to help support any decision you make and allow you to have information on financial help that may be available.  You can contact Age UK who will offer impartial advice on care services and help with the difficult decisions you may need to make.  They can also offer advice on power of attourney, court of protection and benefits and help you may need to navigate the care services system.